Quality measurement and improvement with the Coaching Monitor

To give clients greater assurance of my quality, for coaching processes I use the Coaching Monitor as an evaluation tool. This was developed by the Dutch Association of Professional Coaches (NOBCO) and using the Coaching Monitor

  • provides insight into the progress of a coaching process;
  • allowsto adjust the coaching process;
  • provides 360-degree feedback and peer evaluations;
  • provides a visual report of the results achieved.

How the Coaching Monitor works

With this online application, the coach sends questionnaires to the client (and if required to peers) at four different times during and after a coaching process. Client and peers complete the questionnaires online, after which the application automatically analyses the answers. The coach then receives the results. A graphical representation of the intake, intermediate, final and post-measurement is also generated. This makes the result of the coaching visible at a glance. These results can be presented to the client in the form of a report.

Here is a video explaining exactly how this works. The Coaching Monitor is free for clients who use my services. The client has the choice to use this tool. Of course clients are not obliged to use it.

What does the Coaching Monitor offer you as a client?

Using the online questionnaires, coaching processes are measured reliably and recorded in visual reports. These reports are only visible to the client and the coach and both can see whether there is progress in the process. This allows coach and client to adjust the coaching process in time if necessary.

Usage and security

The Coaching Monitor is a completely web-based instrument. This means that it can be accessed and used 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via a computer, tablet or smart phone with an internet connection. No special equipment or additional software is required. During the development of the instrument, utmost care was taken to ensure security and privacy, without compromising user-friendliness. Read more about the use of the Coaching Monitor here and about the privacy statement.