Coaching in cases of Parental Alienation / imminent loss of contact

If you feel you are losing contact with your child, you may have to deal with all kinds of emotions. Like sadness, frustration and anger. Especially when there is actual (imminent) loss of contact or Parental Alienation. You might then start reacting towards the other parent or the child in a detrimental way. Without coaching, you could unintentionally make the gap between you and your child even bigger. Therefore, contact me asap to de-escalate your situation.

A severely stressful situation due to power imbalance

Parental Alienation or (imminent) loss of contact is often very meaningful and stressful for parents, children and their families and friends. As a result, it leads to negative short- and long-term consequences for everyone's life and (relationship) development. Parental Alienation can be a painful result of a complex divorce with ongoing serious conflicts between the parents. But it is certainly not always due to a divorce.

In situations, where one parent is free to use power over the child and the other is powerless to prevent it, conflict can arise. Especially when the rejected parent is helpless and kept at arm's length. Painting the problem as if it is caused by high conflict between both parents is harmful to children, in my opinion. This is because it delays getting the necessary help to free the children from the harmful situation they are in. Stating that loss of contact or Parental Alienation is the result of many conflicts is a misleading representation of reality. After all, if there is one unwilling parent, that parent is causing the conflict. This often involves power imbalances in the system of (divorced) families. Psychotherapist Karen Woodall wrote an interesting article about this matter.

Parental Alienation can occur without divorce

Loss of contact or Parental Alienation does not only occur after an "official" divorce. It also regularly happens that a child emerges from a very short-lived relationship. The child then has two parents, but not two parents who were in a steady relationship, let alone living together. Consequently, there is no divorce. These two parents can also get into high-level conflicts over how to deal with the child, losing sight of the child's best interests.
These parents then quickly end up in legal proceedings in which a lawyer supports them. But who supports parents during the (often years-long) proceedings with all their non-legal questions?

Coaching by an experienced father

If your child no longer wants contact with you, you may feel ashamed to talk freely about it. You can share with me your story and concerns. As a certified coach and father, I will listen to you without judgement. Together we will explore what you can do to prevent (imminent) loss of contact or Parental Alienation.

You may not find it easy to understand what is going on. You don't manage to put into words for others and yourself how you feel. Every situation is unique and, as an expert by experience and certified coach, I can at least empathise with what you are going through.

Less stress and more space for yourself

After Parental Alienation coaching, you are more confident to communicate de-escalatingly and neutrally with a non-cooperative parent. As a result, you feel less stress and have more peace of mind to focus on other things. Parental Alienation coaching primarily helps you with the following:

  • putting the child's interests and needs first;
  • formulating what your core issues, questions and goals are;
  • get grip on the situation;
  • de-escalating communication with a non-cooperative parent or agencies to reduce the risk of (imminent) loss of contact or Parental Alienation;
  • gain insight into the consequences of (imminent) contact loss or Parental Alienation and how to deal with it without burdening the child;
  • explore what you yourself can do to prevent (imminent) loss of contact or Parental Alienation.

Approach, duration and rates

The coaching sessions take place online via Microsoft Teams. The duration of a coaching session depends on your personal situation and requirements. I aim for a short-term process with 60- to 90-minute sessions each. Scheduled on demand.
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