De-escalating communication

By drafting or reviewing your message, I help you communicate with the other parent or others by writing in a controlled and constructive manner. This ensures that your message reaches the recipient clearly without (further) escalating the current situation. In doing so, I always put the child and your goal first. This contributes positively to any legal proceedings, because you can demonstrate that you can stay out of the conflict and act in the child's best interests.

Approach and rates

As an expert by experience, I recognise the attitude and behaviour of a parent who wants to limit or even cut off contact between the child and the other parent. With a helicopter view and de-escalating communication, I help you to prevent the escalation of a conflict or at least not fuel it any further.
This gives you peace of mind and space for other things in your life. Gradually, you learn how to communicate with the other parent independently in a neutral way.
After an exploratory coaching session, you send me your texts for review or we draft them together. Click here for the current rates.