Young fathers get less support than young mothers

Have you had sex and your girlfriend (or your one-night stand) is unplanned pregnant? If so, your world may be upside down and you have a lot of questions. What does your future look like? Do you want a relationship or not? What does she want? What do you want? Do you want to take on fatherhood? Does she not want that at all? Young fathers and their questions often receive less attention and support than young mothers.

You want to be a father but she does not want you as the father

If you want to take responsibility for your paternity, as an unmarried man, you need to acknowledge your child as your child. For this, you will need your girlfriend's consent. If she refuses her consent, you will have to apply to the court for substitute consent.

Always stay cool and calm!

The (most) important thing is that you always stay calm and composed. Even if you notice that you and your girlfriend are having relationship problems or even an argument. If you think you need help with this, ask for help and involve a family member, a friend or another confidant as soon as possible.

Involve a coach to prevent escalation

You can also contact me for coaching. With a helicopter view and de-escalating communication, I can help young fathers prevent the escalation of a conflict or at least not make it worse. Gradually, you will learn how to communicate independently with your girlfriend in a neutral way. Click here for my services.