My vision and mission

My vision is to prevent or limit Parental Alienation or (imminent) loss of contact so that a child can build and maintain a loving relationship with both parents. To achieve this, I coach clients to understand the issues and impact of (imminent) loss of contact and Parental Alienation as early as possible.

Certified coach
EMCC Global Individual Accreditation
(EIA) Foundation.
Affiliated with NOBCO
(Dutch Association of Professional Coaches)
register number 72533

The power of de-escalation in cases of Parental Alienation

I do believe in the power of de-escalating communication and help clients communicate independently and neutrally with a non-cooperative parent or agencies such as youth protection, the Child Protection Council and social workers. In doing so, I help unravel the complex stories to make clear what clients want and need to communicate to someone verbally or in writing. Clients learn to formulate their message clearly and in a way that suits their personal style. This helps clients to share their own needs, questions or views with the receiver of the message without emotions or blame. In doing so, clients stay connected to a non-cooperative parent or agencies and thus also stay connected to the child.

My experience and knowledge

Even before the birth of our son, I was confronted with an unwilling parent. In the following years, this was joined by lawyers, mediators, special guardians, hearings at courts and tribunals, youth services, Child Protection Council, supervisions, and other social workers. Unfortunately also biased social workers against whom I (successfully) filed a disciplinary complaint at SKJ.

I recognise the attitude and behaviour of a parent who wants to limit contact between the child and the other parent. Sometimes a parent even wants to cut off contact with the child and the other parent completely. As an expert by experience with analytical qualities, I can fathom this difficult situation and translate it into understandable language. With a helicopter view and de-escalating communication, as a coach I help clients avoid escalating a conflict. This contributes positively to any legal proceedings. Clients can demonstrate that they can stay out of the conflict and put the child first. I also hope this helps reduce the risk of Parental Alienation.

Services to prevent Parental Alienation

With my services, I support anyone dealing with imminent loss of contact or Parental Alienation. Click here for an overview of the services I offer as a coach.

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