My story

Immediately after the birth of their son, the mother consciously, calculatingly and without any scruples attempts to keep the father out of their son's life.
When the mother then cuts off all communication with the father and contact between father and their son, the father quickly ends up in a world full of manipulation, lies and false accusations against him.
In a race against time, the desperate father must keep his head above water in a whirlpool of emotions to avoid being eliminated from their son's life forever.

A true and almost surreal thriller about a shared desire to have children, narcissism, parental alienation, emotional child abuse, domestic violence towards men and the slow legal system in The Netherlands in which the ostensible argument "in the interest of the child" is all too readily abused by the rejecting parent.

Norbert Fuchs (1971) is gay and became father of a son in 2018. The consciously chosen co-parenting with the heterosexual mother turned out unexpectedly dramatic, prompting him to write this book for future (co-)parents.