Parental Alienation help/support

The services below are intended for anyone who is in need for Parental Alienation help/support. I support anyone at risk of losing contact with a child. Click on a service for more information. You can also find more information on Parental Alienation here and in the Expert Team’s advisory report.

You can share your story and concerns with me. As a coach, father and expert by experience, I will listen carefully and confidentially to your story. Together, we will explore what you can do to prevent (imminent) loss of contact or Parental Alienation.

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As an expert by experience, I recognise the attitudes and behaviours of a parent who wants to limit or even sever (any) contact between the child and the other parent. With a helicopter view and de-escalating communication, I help you prevent the escalation of a conflict or at least not fuel it further.

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I help clients understand that in cases of Parental Alienation, they are confronted with fighting behaviour from the other parent. It is behaviour that aims to (emotionally) affect the client, often also neglecting the needs of the child.

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Would you like to increase your knowledge and skills to prevent (imminent) loss of contact or Parental Alienation in a de-escalating way? Then contact me for a free 30-minute intake interview. Click here for the current rates.